Enterprise Workplace

Techplus understands how workplaces and work styles are evolving – and the impact it has on IT devices, platforms and applications. We understand that work is no longer somewhere people go, but something they do. We understand the contemporary workplace.futhure workplace

From selecting the right devices and deploying the most appropriate operating systems to enabling mobility and collaboration, we help organizations adapt to this new era of work. We advise, we implement, we support and we manage.

By combining the right workplace platforms and devices with secure mobile solutions and collaborative social tools, organizations can get more from their employees. They can also simplify IT support, reduce workplace costs, and maximize business agility.


Private Desktop Solutions

  • Application Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Thin, Zero & Mobile Client Solutions
  • Secure Access, Protection & Optimization of Company Resources

Mobile Enterprise Solutions

  • Mobile App
  • Mobile Data
  • Mobile Access
  • BYOD & Consumeriziation

Automation & Management Solutions

Office Setups

  • Client, Server & System Management Solutions
  • Application, Desktop & User Provisioning
  • Orchestration of IT resources
  • Imaging, Scripting & Customizing
  • Rollout & Deployment

IT Infrastructure Services

  • Directory Services
  • File & Print Services
  • Server Virtualization

Technology Based Office Setups

  • Technology based office layout consulting, designing and implementation
  • Mobile office technology Solutions

Managed Services

  • Support & Managed Services


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