Building Automation Solutions

It is crucial to have an IT infrastructure operate problem-free. To ensure continuity and seemless operation of daily business, what has your IT department deployed? Have they considered the basics of cooling servers, security controls and proceedures? Provided proper and efficient network cabeling, backup power or highly effective firewall protection? When the unexpected happens, are you prepared?

From consulting, design, planning through to integration, installation, and ongoing service, Techplus provides state­ of­ the­ art systems/solutions

Our designs are created on the latest AutoCAD packages, many of which are also produced in Autodesk Inventor Package (3D Modeling) not only guaranteeing accurate system design but also ensuring the client’s comprehensive understanding of the system design and implementation.

A design philosophy of 60% design and 40% installation ensures that projects are implemented efficiently and on time, with minimal disruption of the clients daily operation during installation.building-antomation


Excellent performance, high availability and energy efficiency is all part of a modern IT architecture so your operations can achieve sustainability and viability all the way down to the bottom line. In order to come to terms with balancing necessity and prudence, Techplus understands IT Infrastructure as a cross-cutting issue. Whether you need a medium server room to a comprehensive data center for large enterprises, you can rely on Techplus to be a strategic partner for your business.

Let Techplus plan your modern and modular data center infrastructure with scalable, reliable power reserves for expanding your server infrastructure.

Allowing your business to enhance the server park without additional construction or infrastructure but allowing for a responsive environment when demand increases. Future-proof your IT, invest in physical infrastructure protection with a dynamic company, choose Techplus with confidence.

Data Center

  • Hot & Cold Aisle Containment
  • Fire Prevention / Extingushers
  • Power System / Emergency Power Generator
  • IT Security Rooms datacenter

Building Technology

  • Data Network Cabling
  • Electrical / Distribution Board
  • Video Surveillance
  • Security Systems

Mobile Data Center Solution

  • Containers
  • Rentable Containers
  • Outdoor Data Centers

Green IT

  • Generators
  • Geothermal
  • Renewable Energies

Data Safes

  • Modular Safe
  • Data Safe


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Availability Analysis (Tierings)
  • Data Center Design

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