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Technology Systems Design, Integration and Implementation

For organizations to be able to achieve their strategic business goals in a continuously evolving, ever­changing and highly competitive marketplace; the choice to adopt robust, highly scalable, readily available and responsive integrated systems that enable processes has become inevitable…..

Building Management and Automation

From consulting, design, planning through to integration, installation, and ongoing service, Techplus provides state­of­the­art systems/solutions. Our designs are created on the latest AutoCAD packages, many of which are also produced in Autodesk Inventor Package (3D Modeling) not only guaranteeing …

Technology Consultancy

Techplus assists clients for meeting their emerging IT, communications systems/networks and Data Center needs from the outset. Techplus provides various consultancy services both technically and commercially for the development of Business Case and Functional Requirements. Technology Evaluations…..

Technology Managed Services

Techplus Technical Assistance Center (Techplus TAC) provides comprehensive support to its clients IT operations based on the defined Service Level Agreements via its 12/7/365 operational hub.We provide solutions for systems and processes outside organizations’ core business that allow them to ,Maintain focus on core competencies, Reduce and control operating costs, Access global capabilities, Free­up internal resources, Share risks

Enterprise Business Class Software Solutions

Organizations of every size and in every sector are under a huge pressure to reduce their costs. Nevertheless, they need to protect and secure their important assets, transform processes, enhance organizational agility, and respond to cloud­ computing and the new service­economy it has enabled. At Techplus Business Solutions Unit, We help businesses achieve more by rapidly and securely deploying applications.

Technology Training

Techplus Academy, the training arm of our solutions, is one of the region’s largest certified training centers. The Academy is a B2B human capital development solution­provider, dedicated to building a professional and highly productive workforce for its clients. Techplus Academy designs and executes state­of­the­art and integrated training solutions and consulting services in management & ICT.

About Us

What makes us different
TechPlus Information Technology Solutions

TechPlus is a one ­stop­ shop for organizations seeking turn­key solutions and best practices in Information Technology systems,Building Management & Automation and infrastructure; aiming to achieve overall performance improvement, business growth and operational excellence.

Proudly, we are one of the brightest Systems’ Integrators in the region with over 8 years of experience, services extended to several of the largest organizations, and the delivery of complex projects by our highly skilled staffs.

The company was founded by a team of enthusiastic IT specialists who wanted to overcome the routine and create a company that would act in the market not only for business success but for the sake of Technology itself.

When you work with TechPlus we put ourselves into your systems, making sure we understand the way you work and want us to work, helping us gain a stronger and more strategic partnership. Whatever your IT requirements may be, TechPlus will have the answer to your inquiry.

  • Data center

    Designing, CRAC, HVAC, UPS, Generators, PDU, MDU, Fire Suppression, Physical Security, Alarm Systems, Raised Floors, Structured Data and Power Cabeling

  • Entreprise Servers, Storage and Networking

    Designing, Wired & Wireless Network, Servers, Storage, Security, Backups, Virtualization and Software Solutions

  • Building Automation Systems

    IP TV, Smart Card Solutions, Physical Security Solutions, Fire Detection & Prevention, Access Control, Audio and PA Systems, Wired & Wireless Network

  • Enterprise Business Software Solutions

    Custom Development As Per Need, Of Shelf Products With Customization HRM, CRM, ERP, EAM, SCM, CMS

Managment Team

Professionals Managing the Company
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General Manger
Has overall responsibility for managing both the revenue and cost elements of the company as well as the day-to-day operations of the business.
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Technology Service Delivery Manager
A service delivery manager oversees the delivery of technology services to customers. The manager establishes policies designed to ensure consistently high service performance, monitors employees and evaluates customer feedback to develop quality improvement processes.
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Technical Manager
Provides technical direction for development, design and systems integration. He reviews the work involved and follows the project through testing and production deployment phases.


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