Enterprise Server & Storage

The business world is rapidly changing and IT needs to be able to keep up, or better yet, anticipate the needs of your organization. Taking an offensive position to rolling out new IT services, is a step beyond reacting to the demand. Better deployment options are an essential part of current and ongoing IT project requirements. In addition, there are constant changes in strategies as IT users consume cloud resources. All this requires an agile, flexible, efficient and scalable infrastructure.Blade Servers

Techplus brings on the next generation of Enterprise servers and storage technology solutions and provides exceptional services capable of maximizing value and transforming the way businesses connect, communicate and collaborate.

Techplus can help you define the most appropriate strategy, selection and proliferation of an your future envisioned data center based on the latest enterprise level servers and storage infrastructures. Some of the Services that we offer :-

Data Center Architecture

  • Requirements Analysis & Integrated IT Infrastructure Concepts Including TCO / ROI
  • Consultation and concept development for software defined data center
  • Consultation and implementation of SAN and NAS operational concepts and infrastructure


  • Implementation of servers, virtualization, automation and management solutions
  • Commissioning and migration
  • Project delivery, support and operation support


  • Storage infrastructure as part of a holistic IT architecture
  • Design of high availability storage environments using virtualization solutions
  • Procurement, installation and commissioning of server and storage infrastructure
  • Data migration with minimal downtime

Recovery Solutions

Proper Backup & Recovery Strategies are an exponential challenge in terms of centralized data storage and unrelenting data growth. Most traditional backup and recovery environments cannot meet the demands for quick recovery times and minimal risk of data loss. Using technologies that can immediately keep your business up and running in standard and extreme cases of emergency can make all the difference to your business.Disaster-Recovery

  • Conceptual Design of Backup & Recovery Scenarios
  • Design & Implementation of Disaster Recovery Plans & Work flows
  • Consulting & Implementation of Enterprise-wide Backup Consolidation
  • Review of existing Backup & Recovery / DR Design Concepts & Optimization
  • Regular Backup Reviews & Restore Data Integrity Tests
  • Implementation of Disaster Recovery Testing for Business Safeguarding


Legal requirements and Corporate Governance compliance for long-term data storage. Recommendations and solutions for business enterprise strategies.

TechPlus helps you:

  • Advisory role in defining requirements for email and file archiving
  • Design and implementation of archive environments
  • Selection and implementation of storage systems for archiving

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